Useful Linux commands

from here

# 1. redo last command but as root
sudo !!

# 2. open an editor to run a command

# 3. create a super fast ram disk
mkdir -p /mnt/ram
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/ram -o size=8192M

# 4. don't add command to history (note the leading space)
 ls -l

# 5. fix a really long command that you messed up

# 6. tunnel with ssh (local port 3337 -> remote host's on port 6379)
ssh -L 3337: [email protected] -N

# 7. quickly create folders
mkdir -p folder/{sub1,sub2}/{sub1,sub2,sub3}

# 8. intercept stdout and log to file
cat file | tee -a log | cat > /dev/null

# bonus: exit terminal but leave all processes running
disown -a && exit

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