How to update Roundcube

I followed this link

I created a backup database copy and I untar the files from created a parallel virtualhost like

Upload the new files

Use your favorite FTP/SFTP/SCP program to upload the updated files, which are:

  • ./bin/*
  • ./SQL/*
  • ./program/*
  • ./installer/*
  • ./vendor/*

Upload plugins/* and skins/* from the release package but don’t replace the entire skinsand plugins folders! You might have added other skins and plugins to those directories which you want to keep.

Also copy the default config file and the mimetypes mapping:

  • config/
  • config/mimetypes.php

Run the installer

Edit your Roundcube config (config/, or config/ for versions < 1.0) and set 'enable_installer' to true. Then open http://<url-to-roundcube>/installer/in your web browser and click “3. Test config”

Follow the instructions on the screen to update your local config and the database schema.

When you’re done and all the lights are green in the installer, edit your Roundcube config file again and set 'enable_installer' to false if it’s still present. To seal your installation, you should even remove the installer directory from the webserver.

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