Linux Command to check DNS

Find Out the Domain Mail Server

host -t mx

Find Out the Domain TXT Recored

host -t txt

Find Out the Domain SOA Record

host -t soa

Display All Information About Domain Records and Zone

host -a


dig +noall +answer

Display DKIM record

dig +short txt

Migration to Contabo from SeFlow – Nameserver and DNS

Hi to everybody,

I migrated from SeFlow, good service but awful support.

Only in the person of Matteo Berlonghi.

No professional skill, but I understood how works DNS world.

This is wants to be my personal diary.

Difference between Authority and Registrar.

usefull link to find which nameserver are registered to the Authority: or

in the DNS zone (NS record) you have to insert the nameserver that the Registrar sent to Authority.

to see the propagation: